Outdoor Wellbeing Workshop for Children

Wednesday 1st September, 10:00 am-12:00 pm

We will get together in a lovely green corner of York and spend some time exploring our innate wellbeing, resilience, and mental health.
Through games, craft, role play and metaphors we explore the inside-out nature of how our mind works and the role of thought in creating our experience of life. The workshops are interactive and engaging and aim to empower children to realise their innate wellbeing and resilience and also support them to make sense of their emotional experience. 
I’ve loved bringing these workshops online to children from across the country and even abroad but it’s time to connect with each other and with nature in person here on our doorstep.

  The workshop is based on the “I AM Awesome” curriculum developed by My Mental Health Rocks and also the Spark curriculum developed by the Spark Initiative.

This particular workshop will be suitable for 6 to 9/10-year-olds but will also be very interactive and adapted to the interests and needs of the children attending.

The workshop is free with an option for a voluntary donation.

Registration closes 29th Aug


Who we are?

Explore our innate wellbeing represented by the superpowers of resilience, wisdom, creativity, calm, and confidence and how they support us in life. The unbreakable and ever-present nature of our wellbeing. 


How Life Works

Thought / Feeling Connection. Understand the transient nature of our thoughts and feelings and why sometimes we can feel disconnected from our wellbeing.



We have access to fresh thoughts and ideas in every single moment. There is always new thought available to help us come up with solutions and navigate the bumps in the road.



Understanding how we create our experience of life allows us to have healthier relationships with ourselves and others. We can approach situations with more empathy and kindness.

I thought that the Wellbeing Course was amazing.
Mariella made it really fun. It was nice meeting new people
The course can help you with anger management, it helps you to see yourself and things differently.
It gives you another way to see and live life.
I wish the course wasn’t ending.

11 years old Johannesburg, South Africa

Mariella thank you so much for the time and effort that you have put into teaching the children the course. My son looked forward to every lesson.
The awareness really helps them to recognise that innate balance, that is already there inside them.
I only wish my older boys had had the same opportunity.
Thank you again!

Mum of 11 year old

As it’s mental health awareness week I wanted to highlight the services of Mind Garden York CIC. During lockdown Z had loads of anxiety and was not flourishing. We did a web-based  course with Mariella O’Brien and she is calmer, more regulated and flourishing. Our little ones need support too.


Mum of 9 year old

Mariella is a mum of two, a wellbeing coach and a children’s wellbeing mentor and advocate. She was born and raised in Bulgaria but now lives with her family in the UK.

After spending the first part of her life chasing success by society’s definition – two master’s degrees, careers in government and financial services IT – she made the conscious choice to stand up for her own wellbeing. She stepped off the corporate career ladder in order to create her own version of success, to be more present for her family, and a better role model for her children.

While re-training as a coach she came across the inside-out understanding of how the mind works, which was a game-changer in all areas of her life. She now shares this understanding in her coaching practice to help people wake up to their true nature and find freedom from psychological suffering. She is particularly passionate about helping young people to get in touch with their innate strength and mental wellbeing and create success and happiness on their own terms.

After volunteering for youth-related charities for many years, in 2020 Mariella founded Mind Garden York CIC – a non-profit aimed at supporting the mental wellbeing of young people and their families through group workshops and one to one coaching and mentoring.

In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family in nature, gardening, baking, and playing tennis.

What better time than now to give children a sense of their own innate ‘superpowers’, to help them understand how the mind works so they can make sense of their emotions. Planting the seeds of understanding early so they can harvest the benefits throughout their lives.

Parents you are welcome to join in too but this is entirely at your discretion.

Registration closes 29th Aug

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