Curious as to how the mind works?

Want to understand how thoughts create feelings?

My interactive workshops help children make sense of their emotional experiences through fun activities.

mind garden york

Sowing the seeds

Mind Garden York sessions help children understand:


  • What mental health is and how it supports them
  • The nature of their thoughts and emotions
  • How their state of mind affects their behaviour and decision-making
  • How they can feel disconnected from mental health
  • How each individual is unique, with their own unique thoughts on life
  • How everyone experiences emotions differently
  • How to uncover their natural resilience and confidence

Nurturing mental health superpowers

Through play and fun, children and young people learn how to boost their natural superpowers of:

  • Wisdom – as in having the intuition to do the right thing
  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Calm – our natural ability to be content and relaxed
  • Confidence

Find out more in my blog for The Island, York – Children’s Mental Health – Our Innate Superpower

Mental health superpowers
Classroom wellbeing workshop
What happens in a Mind garden York workshop

What happens in a Mind Garden York workshop?

No session is the same as it depends on the audience, past learnings, and even the weather! However past sessions have included:

  • Hands-on activity
  • Creativity – such as drawing or creating a character
  • Props – from sunglasses to silly hats
  • Role-playing in groups
  • Acting wearing different coloured glasses to represent our ‘mood goggles’
  • Crafting – for example ‘glitter bottles’ to show what happens when our emotions get stirred up

Each session includes a workbook for the participants to take home. All craft supplies are included in the cost of the session.

Sessions are based on:

  • I Am Awesome Curriculum for 5 – 12-year-olds – by My Mental Health Rocks
  • Nurturing Teen Minds Curriculum for 11 – 17-year-olds
  • The Spark Curriculum

“The pupils greatly enjoyed the interactive elements including making the glitter bottles, acting out different scenarios and the ‘emotions sunglasses’ – they had a lot of fun with these.” 

York Primary School Teacher

Mental health workshops for KS2 (ages 8 – 11) and above

Mind Garden York CIC Classroom wellbeing workshop

Classroom workshop series for schools

Venue: School classroom

Number of weekly workshops: Six for a half-term, 10 over a term

Length of each workshop: Can be tailored to run for 45 – 60 minutes. Double sessions available

Outdoor wellbeing workshops

After school clubs

Venue: Outdoors, school hall or church hall

Number of weekly workshops: Six for a half-term, 10 over a term

Length of each workshop: 60 minute workshops

Wellbeing workshops for homeschoolers

workshops for groups of home-schoolers

Venue: Online, at a venue such as a coffee shop or outside in a park

Number of weekly sessions: one-off workshop 6 sessions over 6 weeks or tailored to suit

Length of each workshop: Up to 60 minutes

Maximum number of participants: Up to 20

Mind Garden York online workshop

Pre-teen online courses

This workshop helps prepare children for the transition from primary school to secondary school , and to turn any nerves into excitement.

Venue: Online

Number of weekly sessions: 6 over 6 weeks

Length of each workshop: Up to 60 minutes

“The sessions we did with Mind Garden York CIC had a positive impact on the pupils involved. They had time to reflect about their own well being and how it can impact on their learning.”

Year 3/4 teacher

Parents, carers and mentors welcome

The workshops are just as important and impactful for the adults in the room. It’s about positively impacting the whole community after all!

Teachers, school staff, and parents say taking part helped them look at their own emotions, such as stress and overwhelm, in a different light.

Teacher wellbeing training

“You cannot pour from an empty cup” is such a powerful sentiment. So many teachers help their students with their emotional health. But who helps the helper?

I offer a session that is ideal for your teacher development, professional development, or in-service training day. It helps replenish the ‘well of wellbeing’.

Private one to one sessions for your family

Mind Garden York CIC Online 1:1 coaching
Would you like some concrete, practical help for your child in how to manage their emotions?

In a series of one-to-one sessions, I get to know your child, build rapport and earn their trust. We then enjoy discovering more about their mental health ‘superpowers’ and strategies to set them up for life.

A parent’s wellbeing influences that of their child’s. Therefore I include 2 sessions for parents which are separate to your child’s sessions. Parents have found these ‘listening spaces’ invaluable in helping to develop their understanding and perspective. We chat about your concerns and I update you about your child’s progress.


Venue: Online

Length of each session: 60 minutes

Number of weekly sessions: 6 over 6 weeks – 6 with the child and 2 separately with their guardian/s

When: Between 4.30 – 6pm and at weekends by special arrangement

Safeguarding and Health and Safety

The safety and wellbeing of the young people I work with is my utmost priority.

I am DBS checked and have undertaken NSPCC Safeguarding training. I can provide Health and Safety risk assessments if necessary.

Learning differences and neurodiversity

I have a personal interest in neurodevelopmental differences and have acquired in-depth knowledge of autism and dyslexia. My workshops are always inclusive and considerate of neurodiversity, but sessions can be further tailored to take into account specific needs.

Don’t Have Funding for Mental Health Workshops?

Then a funding partnership could be the answer. I am often applying for funding and grants which would benefit from teaming up with a named school or local organisation. Please get in touch.

If you’d like to discuss how mental health workshops or sessions might benefit the children in your life, please 

“I love talking and having time to think about feelings.”
KS2 pupil at Fishergate Primary School, York

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